Khalid and Dominic

Masters in frontier markets currency risks

DKK Partners is founded and run by us: Khalid and Dominic.

We’re two of the best minds in Tier 1 banking and forex risk management. We’re highly-skilled in finding the right solutions for managing currency and powering business growth – especially in new frontier markets.

In addition to our expertise, we’re also a fundamentally human brand that thrives on making true connections with our clients and partners. Everything we do is built on a foundation of honesty and transparency.

We wouldn’t want you joining forces with a partner you knew nothing about, so here’s our DKK Partners story…

The dawn of
DKK Partners

Born from two Tier 1 bank workers with the same idea: to bring Tier 1 banking services to emerging and new frontier markets.

We noticed that with so many cyber companies laying their focus around Western Europe, there was subsequently a gap for us to zero in on Sub-Saharan Africa – and eventually other emerging global markets.

With a clear segue in sight to capture those clients and markets, we set out to combine our 15 years of expertise. We wanted to fill the gap – for the sake of clients and markets who we so often saw had the wool pulled over their eyes.

So, a few years ago we knew it was time to bring about change – for us to make our move and take a risk. After all, we’re forex experts…taking risks is what we do best.

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From strength
to strength

Having strong connections is one of the most important weapons in our arsenal. We’ve always had a great network of partners and clients who put a lot of trust in us – and who we trust too. We pride ourselves on having a lot of integrity.

Our services revolve around three main key components:

  • FX risk management

  • Smooth settlement

  • Deep liquidity

Our specialities in each are the crucial oil that your business machines need to run smoothly and efficiently. And our years of experience take away any headaches so you can focus on making your business successful and removing barriers to your growth.

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We think globally

We’ve taken our time to roll out DKK Partners from market to market, but now our commitment is ready to be amplified worldwide.

Having already established a strong client base in Sub-Saharan Africa, we’re passionate to expand our services to other emerging markets across the globe, including: Dubai, Asia, and Latin America.

Our mission is to become the largest global participant in FX and emerging markets. Very few brands are willing to go as deep into new frontier markets as we do. They may lightly dabble, but we deliver full, tried and tested solutions.

Giving back

As founders with family heritages in emerging markets, we both have skin in the game with new frontier markets. It’s what drove us to create DKK Partners – and it’s why we devote our knowledge and ingenuity to markets that hold a place in our hearts.

We use our know-how to empower companies within emerging markets that might not have experienced the privileges we both have. We’re big believers that allowing emerging markets to thrive will make a better world economy – fair and unskewed.

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Partner with us

We take the time to get to know each one of our clients and their businesses. We don’t dictate…we collaborate.

Our network of partners and technology transform our clients’ ability to move money where it’s needed most.

We offer insights and provide the tools and techniques needed to gain access to emerging markets. When combined with speed, reliability and highly-competitive pricing, our deeper market reach will allow global commerce to flow freely in the way it should.