Dear Student

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Dear student,

Not sure on how to start with this, but please allow me to just try and explain. Give me a chance.

Dear Student, This is sign you've been looking for
This is the sign you’ve been looking for – Photo by Austin Chan via Unsplash

Another lockdown in the UK, the third one so far. Acknowledging the little ones and the young adults – closing primary school, secondary school and college for the next 4 weeks. But what about University students? There is no solid idea what’s going to happen regarding your degree – and so far, the £9,000 College tuition have been for Microsoft Teams calls and confusion, for most of us.


When you ask around people either feel sorry for you because you’re “missing out from the best time of your life” or you’re just misunderstood. You don’t know if you should go to your student accommodation you’re paying for or stay at home; if you can ask a question about that assignment or if you’re going to look ridiculous in front of the class; if the group you’re doing your group assignment with, are ever going to respond or if you’re ever going to see them? Oh, and mentally – the lowest, most alone you’ve ever felt.

Like Nike says, “Just Do It”

Dear Student, whether you go to your student accommodation, or if you choose to stay at home, make it worth it. Ask the question about the assignment. Rest assured, you are far from the only one who is lost or in doubt. About your group assignment, start the group chats, reach out to them, start the Teams call, delegate the tasks, show your motivation and just do it. If some choose not to respond, not to participate, not to anything, let it go. Let them go – and do your assignment with the ones who want to do it.

Success starts from within

Well, I don’t want to make this too long but, there may be more to life than where your focus has taken you. Success starts within your mind, which means that your motivation, attitude and thoughts are essential; and could lead you to great things (go check out our Goals setting page).

Don’t stop. START

Don’t stop learning at the end of that call, learn a new skill. It’s easier said than done, true, but with age your mind learns slower so it will only take you longer if you wait.

Don’t scroll through TikTok until 5AM and “wake up” when your lecture starts. Start to organise your day and you’ll realise, that when you’ve gotten ready and maybe ate something before the lecture starts, you will pick up much more and won’t have to go back on it later.

Don’t stop getting ready like you used to, now you have the time to try something new. Also, even if it looks terrible, no one will see it anyway.

Don’t only eat junk food, find your inner Chef. Execute that recipe, find a new spice, try some new things.

Don’t think Finance is boring, it could save you those sneakers.

Don’t restrain yourself from positivity, it only comes from within yourself. Remember, you choose how you process things from outside. It’s something you can learn.

Don’t waste your time, because honestly now you can focus on yourself, your mental health, your thoughts, what you think, how you think, your habits, the changes you want to make and much more.

So, dear student, show them what you’re capable of, and shine whilst you’re at it.

Dear Student, go up and never stop
Go up and never stop – Photo by Fab Lentz via Unsplash

By Britt Mulder
January 21, 2021

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